In Between Days Summer Music Festival is proud to present The Blue Stones, a Canadian blues rock duo based in Windsor, Ontario.

The Blue Stones will be performing live at In Between Days Festival, ‘The Best Day of Summer’ in the Greater Boston Area. Join us at Veterans Memorial Stadium, Quincy, Massachusetts on 20th August 2022. 


The Blue Stones become your new favorite band the second you hear them. The Canadian blues rock duo of Tarek Jafar and Justin Tessier broke out with last year’s Hidden Gems album, an explosive romp through psychedelic and space rock with an ethos of tight songwriting at its core. New single “Don’t Miss” is a confident and electric tune that should sound huge under a clear late-summer sky.



When Tarek Jafar (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Justin Tessier (Drums, Backing Vocals) formed The Blue Stones, they were facing uncertainty about who they were and where they were going. But they did know they wanted to make music together, and so they did, writing songs over time and eventually releasing their debut album Black Holes in 2018. As confident as they are now, that record was about the pair finding themselves, both musically and existentially, and deciding to pursue the rock’n’roll dream by jumping into a black hole of the unknown instead of choosing a more ordinary life-path.

The band drew the attention of producer, Paul Meany – the creative force behind alternative rock band Mutemath, and who recently worked with Twenty One Pilots, producing their fifth album, Trench. Getting Paul involved provided the pair with a huge sense of validation. “We jokingly suggested him,” chuckles Tessier. “We were shooting for the stars, but a week after our management approached him, we found out he was into us and our music.!”

The band will release multiple singles leading into their highly anticipated sophomore album in 2021. The first of those is “Shakin’ Off The Rust’- a song that very much serves as a mission statement for their renewed sense of confidence and newfound identity.