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2022 Spotlight: Catbite 

“Catbite is right on the cusp. They’re going to be absolutely massive within the next five years. Now is a perfect time to join in on the fun."

When you need to start a party, you call Catbite. The Philadelphia four-piece ska band are the undisputed partystarters of In Between Days’ inaugural festival, and we can’t think of a better band to jumpstart the day. Influenced by the jolting energy of The Specials, The Selector’s edged lyrics, and Elvis Costello‘s love of melody, the group cranks out short, catchy tunes that usually have a deeper meaning.

Having shared stages recently with everyone from Jeff Rosenstock to The Pietasters, Catbite are a pure shot of upbeat musical adrenaline. And that’s exactly what we’ll all need when the gates swing open at Veterans Memorial Stadium on August 20 and the speakers fire up for the first time.   

Take Catbite’s 2021 sophomore album Nice One out for a spin for a taste of the action, but don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what others have to say:     

Punk News: “[Nice One] is completely slapping me across the face. Dare I say it’s the perfect type of second album? At its core, this is a ska record tempered with new wave, punk, and power pop leanings.”

Swim To The Sound: “The Philadelphia quartet’s sophomore LP, Nice One, is a gleeful slice of ska-punk that hearkens back to the genre’s heyday. The album is a strong piece of power pop, and its sole purpose is to have fun.”

The Alternative: “Catbite’s self-titled record – the first release ever for Bad Time Records – fully displayed the group’s ability to write infectious melodies with huge refrains backed up by an incredibly tight rhythm section. On their second record, Nice One, the group has turned everything up a notch. They sound more seasoned, having played and toured together for the past few years, with every member shining through on the record. Every song (save the few slower, simmering tracks) has the potential to be a massive singalong when played live with choruses that beg for audience participation.”

Bearded Gentlemen Music: “Catbite is right on the cusp. They’re going to be absolutely massive within the next five years. Now is a perfect time to join in on the fun. Nice One is an album that can be played from start to finish. There’s no A-sides or B-sides. Instead, it’s chock full of ten sure fire hits. Just put the needle down on the vinyl, or hit play on your favorite streaming service if that’s more your style, sit back, and just let the music take you away. To put it bluntly, Nice One is an album you need to listen to. It’ll be one of those albums that will be generation-defining work when it’s all said and done.” 

But as they say, the real proof is in the music. Press play on the Catbite videos below and practice your skank in time for In Between Days. 

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