2022 Spotlight: Hippo Campus

“For longtime listeners, this may be their introduction to a ‘new’ sound. But that’s not necessarily the case for the band. LP3 is a homecoming, Hippo Campus fully formed and fully realized. It’s a sonic playground.” 

2022 Spotlight: Tennis

“The duo continue their drift from lo-fi throwbacks to crisp modern pop, while maintaining the preoccupation with marital love that has animated their records since the beginning.”

2022 Spotlight: The Blue Stones

“For a group only comprised of two members, the sophomore studio effort from The Blue Stones is both miraculously full in sound and vastly diverse in style.”

2022 Spotlight: Kevin Devine

Few artists have an extensive and versatile catalog quite like Kevin Devine. The New York-based songwriter and musician released his 10th studio album in the expansive Nothing’s Real, So Nothing’s Wrong, out earlier this year via Triple Crown Records. His latest is a cinematic and rich effort that displays Devine’s diverse stylings, an eclectic blend […]

2022 Spotlight: Sidney Gish

“This Boston singer-songwriter’s second proper album is a treasure trove of self-deprecating wit, melodic complexity, and endearingly anxious energy.”

2022 Spotlight: Blac Rabbit

“If you close your eyes and listen to Amiri and Rahiem Taylor sing together, you might just mistake the talented musicians for John Lennon and Paul McCartney. No, seriously — they’re that good.”

2022 Spotlight: Catbite 

“Catbite is right on the cusp. They’re going to be absolutely massive within the next five years. Now is a perfect time to join in on the fun.”